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Think and Grow Rich

I have read this more than any other business book but it is so much more than a business book.

Think and Grow Rich

I was going through a very difficult time the summer between 7th and 8th grades. I began my summer isolated in my bedroom reading. I was reading a book every day or two.

That is a hard schedule to keep up, not that I couldn't read that much but finding that many books to read. Finally I picked up the book that my dad had given me about a year earlier. I discovered that this isn't a book that you read, then put in the bookcase, then grab another one.

In  the beginning of this book it says that you need to read a chapter, then meditate on it before going on to the next one.

The book Think and Grow Rich

It says so many other things about reading this book. It says that it can and will change my life if I am ready. It says that two things are required, that a person be ready to read it, then read it. I was obviously read to read it. By the time I was done, I left my bedroom and created an agricultural product that was in high demand and made a lot of money from it.

There were things that I wanted from life, I desperately wanted to be able to NOT g​​o back to the junior high school that I had gone to last year. I wanted money and I wanted to be able to treat my baby sister to an experience that I had been able to have at her age. I had a very traumatic experience in kindergarten. The following year my parents were able to put all of us into private school. Now they were divorced, my dad wasn't paying support and mom was barely able to keep the mortgage paid.

So, she would not be able to experience this unless I was able to step up. I did step up in a big way. I had earned enough money during the last half of this summer to pay tuition for both of us plus take some of the pressure off of mom, just because I read this book.

Throughout my life, every time I needed to make a change in my life. Every time I was ready to create a new business, I read this book. This book is not just about creating companies, creating products, making money. It also is about any other change you want to make in your life. Want to find love, lose weight or make any other major or minor change in your life? If you are really ready, if you have decided that you can't live one more day, not one more minute like you are. Pick up this book and change your life.

I am a huge proponent of small business, I have created so many. I also am a proponent of doing business locally. So, go to your local used bookstore. If you don't have one, go to any local bookstore. Go to your library, they provide so many services that might just impress you. If none of this is available or convenient either click on the book cover or the link above and you can by it from Amazon. Will I benefit? Yes, I will make a few cents. If you don't want that, just go to your favorite online bookseller and do your own search.

Do you want to be a part of

a Think and Grow Rich study session? I am going to be studying it myself and I would love to have a few others to discuss it with.

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