I saw a study that followed a large number of people. It looked at how many times a person tried something before they gave up.

I always ask my students what the answer is, they usually come up with a pitiful, small number.

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

~Richard Branson

I always ask why they think it is so sad. They always tell me that they know people aren’t really very brave. We talk about that for a while before I tell them that it is far worse than they thought. The number is actually zero. The average number of attempts to do a thing, anything before giving up is zero! No one has ever guessed that number, it is usually somewhere between 1 and 4.

So, when I suggest that a student buy a rental property, the first thing they usually tell me is that they can’t own one because they don’t want to clear a plugged toilet.

Think about how often your own toilet needs to be plunged? Why would a tenants toilet need attention more often?. Also, I am not going to disappear as soon as you take title to it. I will guide you through making the rental right for the tenant. If you take pride in your rental, your tenant will too.

When I was new to the business. So new that I didn’t have any properties or tenants yet. I had a friend who had a property that he didn’t take any pride in at all. He didn’t clean between tenants, didn’t do repairs to my high standards. Even he didn’t get calls in the middle of the night with plumbing or other problems.

It is said that it is better to do a thing poorly and right than to do it perfectly and wrong.

So, why is it that we are so afraid of doing it wrong? Something makes us terrified of being teased or criticized.

This isn’t new, so you can’t blame it on current events. Is it because people can’t apologize? If that is you, try doing something wrong and apologize for it. It’s not that bad, I do it all the time. Ask my wife or anyone else who knows me. As soon as I realize that I’ve done something wrong, I apologize to everyone that it has affected and ask what I can do to make it right. Keeping my own side of the street clean is a good thing. It makes me feel good about myself and life in general.

I remember when my dad hired a housekeeper. He would clean the house before she came over, so that she wouldn’t think that he was a pig. Another example of not wanting to appear less than perfect. We aren’t perfect and there is something to be said for showing our vulnerabilities. When people see us doing something wrong, admitting it, maybe making a joke about it. It shows them strength and a positive self image.

Maybe that is what it is? Somewhere along the way, we lost who we are. In trying to figure that out we pretend that everything is okay? I think that we would get a more rounded sense of self if we could be vulnerable with ourselves and our friends.

Something to think about. I hope my rambling this morning on this topic was helpful and instrumental in deciding if you’re going to begin investing for your future. maybe starting your own business. Don’t forget, when you are ready. I am here to help. Connect with me by facebook messenger and I will bless you with a free consultation to help you decide your next steps. There is no obligation, I really just want you to take your first step.

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