Yes, I know that Suicide Prevention Awareness month was last month. I did write about it then but I read another story that I felt was important for you to know about.

I am aware that many people are depressed and aren’t aware. Did you know that? That leads to the questions;

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Medical Practices are Starting to Pay Attention

In this article that I read, they stated that doctors are beginning to pay attention to the fact that many people are depressed and have been for so long, they don’t recognize it as depression. More and more of themĀ  are creating questionnaires that will help the doctor or clinic decide if the patient should go in for a more thorough screening.

One of my doctors has me fill out a screening for depression before I see the doctor at all visits. They are not scanned or entered into the computer, the doctor uses them for that visit and it is shredded.

They are beginning to do their part. How about you? Have you seen a friend or family member who has been changing? If you see someone who has changed their habits, maybe check and see if they need help. We can all be more aware and instead of saying or thinking something snarky, follow up and see if they need help.

Their changes might be completely innocent. So, what will happen if you check and the person isn’t depressed at all. Your friend will think more highly of you because you care. This person will be more likely to come to you if something does come up for them. That will usually bring you even closer. So, there isn’t much downside.

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