Rob and Pam in their back yard, Yosemite National Park
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Suicide Prevention Awareness

I have been thinking of this for a long time. Now that it's September, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I want to say a few things.

I have posted in Social Media many times that I am here for people who are having difficulty with life and want to talk. The reason I am a good choice to talk to us that I have been there.

Rob and Pam in their back yard, Yosemite National Park

I was the strangest kid. I didn't see it then, I knew that I was different. I was painfully aware that I was universally disliked. I wasn't safe at home, church or school. I was beat up so frequently and so bad at school that the school nurse didn't even have to look up my mom's phone number.

Mom had to come to the school, grammar, middle and high school's and pick me up to take me to the doctor, hospital or dentist frequently. This was in the 1950's when it was believed that children were property and parents were allowed to abuse their children in any way they believed appropriate.

Check out the photo. It is my wife and I near our home, in Yosemite National Park. Can you imagine that I was able to convince a woman this pretty to marry me? I have to pinch myself sometimes too. We live a wonderful life in a home that we love, in an area of our choosing. A life filled with meaningful work, travel, many friends.

I can't image if I had been able to end my life, as I wanted to so many times. Not only would I have missed all of this, the people that I have been able to help would have missed out too. I am a distance professor in the business field. I have taught, mentored and tutored so many people. Many of them went on to become millionaires and multi-millionaires because of the companies that I helped them set up.

So, when you are having difficulties and are filled with so much darkness because of your differences, remember me. By sticking it out, I was able to create a life where my differences became my strength. Call the suicide prevention hotline at 800 273-8255, direct message me on my facebook page, fill out the contact form on this page. Find a way to talk to me or someone you relate to. We'll help you find the strength to get through.

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