I provide only 1 service

emotional wellness through self determination.

I help people create their own company. I take your idea or concept through to and including finding customers.


Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”~~Walter Anderson

There are few things that create anxiety as much as starting your own business. I help bring that anxiety level down. Not just through action, I help you dig down to find what is bringing it up if necessary.

I teaching optimizing so that you can continue getting more and more of your ideal end user. I emphasize the speed of money. You need to continue optimizing so that you can get your ideal customer faster than your competition. It is how you freeze your competitors out. I am right there with you the whole way.

I help you understand the importance of hiring people more advanced than you are to take your company to heights unexpected. I find that students usually object to that on two grounds;

  1. I created this company, I know it better than anyone else.
  2. Why should I pay someone when I can do it for free?

It is too easy to rely on your own common sense. That doesn’t work in creating or building your business. If it did everyone would have their own business and all businesses would be successful.

My response to number one is that is true. I usually suggest that the new business owner hire an office manager first, even if it’s only part time. Be careful and thorough if this is the first time you have done any hiring. It would be easy to hire someone who is glad handing you and saying yes to everything you discuss. That isn’t the person you want. You are the creative genius behind the brand, you want the bulldog.Everyone will want to talk to you. You want someone who can stay on task. Someone who can triage the phone calls. This person needs to be able to handle people who drop into the office, needs to take care of the things that shouldn’t concern you and send only the people who need the creative genius.

My response to number two is also yes. You need to work in your company until you know and understand exactly what each part of it is. Then when you bring on your office manager, you will need to train that position. You will need to work with the office manager until the manager knows all of the duties, especially the bulldog duties.

Get that person started on the operations manual. Have meetings once or twice a week until the position and manual are moving forward smoothly. As the business continues to grow, I will help guide you toward more hiring. All of that is around making sure the company grows smoothly and effectively, plus your creative genius remains robust and the guiding light. Working in your business stifles creativity.

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