This is a new term to me. It is when a family sells everything, buys a trailer or RV and takes the family on the road as a school classroom.

A few years ago my wife and I hosted a family from Australia. It was a husband, wife and youngest daughter. They didn’t sell everything, they kept their home but sold investments to take their youngest daughter on extended trips with Australia as home base.

A couple camping with their trailer

Families Learning on the Road

They were so much fun.We showed them as much as we could in the brief time they were here. I don’t remember the places that we took them to but places that are always high on our list are; Columbia State Historic Park,  Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Calaveras Big Trees State Park and of course the crown jewels; Yosemite National Park plus Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

I do remember that we took them to Columbia State Park, I can’t imagine that we didn’t go to Yosemite. We all drank a sasparilla, we showed them the proper way to make a Rootbeer Float. We cooked meals together, discussing and fixing things that are familiar to us in our own locations.

The reason I tell this story is to illustrate how educational this lifestyle is. We are now Facebook friends and I believe lifelong friends. We get to see all of the countries they visit. That little girl is getting an enviable education.

I never had children but always saw myself homeschooling them if I did. Travel is one of my passions, so I can see some of this happening. I do want to acknowledge that home schooling and Road Schooling are most likely a lot more work than I would want to do.

A few ideas from a guy who has never had children, so you can ignore this if you’d like. Please keep your comments civil. I know that a very tiny number of my readers would be able to join this movement. My parents had 5 children, I am the second with an older brother and 3 younger sisters. We were raised without TV. We spent our mornings, evenings, weekends and summers reading, talking and traveling. A highlight of every week was our visit to the library.

I think that is unlikely for most of you too. Maybe a device free dinner a few times a week? Talking about all of the things that are going on in your lives can enrich all of your lives. Visiting some of the more exotic businesses in your area. For instance, I live in a very rural area. It is easy to visit a dairy, cheese manufacturer, walnut orchard and processing facility. Call your chamber of commerce, city or county and ask what are some of the more interesting day trips they have.

What does all of this have to do with business and creating companies? The more involved you are with your children and their education, the better equipped they will be to face the world as an adult. The better equipped they are, the more likely they will be to start a successful business or become successful investors.

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