My new friend Bayo AO wrote a wonderful article and video on procrastination. Please read it here on his Facebook page. I thought I would follow it up with a related piece that can be just as challenging in your life.

I’m glad that I met him, he has a lot to offer, you’ll be glad as well.

Grampa and Gracin

Last school year my oldest granddaughter began learning cursive in school. I was thrilled, so many schools had eliminated that from their curriculum. She really loves her grampa, so I began writing to her, to give her more incentive to learn it. Plus it never hurts to have more contact with grampa.

Her mom told me that she would make her write me back. I told her that I would love to get letters from my oldest granddaughter but please don’t force her. I don’t want any negative feelings about writing or about grampa.

So, what does this have to do with procrastination? I’m almost there.

Children are learning how to navigate their own worlds. They have pressures from their parents, siblings, school, etc. All of that cuts into what they really want to do. In spite of our preconceptions, we do always find time for what we really want to do. They are trying to figure all of that out.

When visiting my granddaughters and great nieces, I make sure that I am not a part of that. When I am able to do something and they ask, the answer is always Yes! Their parents love that. When I show up, that means they can leave and do all of the things they can’t do with the children around.

On my last visit, we did the usual things, watched them run around the yard, ride their bikes. We played swings, they went swimming. When we were in the house, suddenly Gracin said “Grampa, I am so busy all the time. That’s why I can’t write to you!” I reassured her that it was okay.

I am finally here. Too often we don’t do those things that will benefit us because we are doing everything else and not finding time to do those things that we really need to get done.

The penalty for procrastination is the loss      of hopes and dreams.

~~Tai Lopez

I was actually shocked that Gracin blamed too busy on her unwillingness to write to me but it makes sense. Don’t we all do that?

How do we get back on track? We take it one step at a time. Begin at our desired result. Let’s assume that the result that we’re after is profits. We begin working on the most difficult part of getting those profits. We hire people to do the things that are less difficult.

I know that sounds simple but getting back on track isn’t something that we don’t know. We were smart enough to create this business, we know what it takes to make it profitable. Get on with it.

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