My doctor explained herd immunity to me a very long time ago. It means that 85% of the population has either been vaccinated or have immunity for some other reason, such as having gotten the disease and recovered.

I have been told that it has been proven, when you achieve 85% immunity the rest of the people are very unlikely to get sick.

New Normal, Really?

There will always be people who can’t be vaccinated, babies and people who have illnesses that prohibit vaccinations. This is the reason that I got boosters of all of the childhood diseases and I get a flu shot every year. I have grandbabies and great nieces and nephews being born and I don’t want to pass anything on to them.Is life likely to change? Yes. Things have happened that we aren’t likely to ever forget. Companies are going to disappear, jobs are going away. Don’t worry, they are being replaced right now. Can you get these new jobs with your current level of education and experience? No, not these new technology jobs.There will be jobs available in the old industries just not as many. So, the disruptor companies will continue to make jobs obsolete. Maybe even faster than before. So, how do you get these new technology jobs? Do you have to go to university and study for 4 or more years? If you want to be an engineer but if you want to make a living that will keep you in your current lifestyle, we can help with that, and it won’t take years.

For those who haven’t read the rest of this blog, very briefly, I am forth generation entrepreneur. I have created dozens of businesses for myself. I have been teaching others and creating businesses for others for decades and those companies number into the hundreds. With all of these businesses, it really doesn’t even matter if I have ever done the business that you  want, business is business. I can make it happen for you.When you are ready, I can prepare you for this new economy, just go to my facebook page; Connect Trend, click on messenger and ask for your Free life changing consultation.

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