I love this quote. There is so much of this going on these days. Politicians say that the opposition party is so offensive that we need to be ashamed and disgusted.

This reminded me of that wonderful quote of Tom Hank’s in the movie A League of Their Own

“There’s No Crying In Baseball”

I have a friend in business. She has gone into business so many times and has failed everytime. Now she is just trying to find a passive income to supplement he retirement. She is very angry that she is failing again now. She just spent a lot of time telling me that it is my fault because my current health keeps me from giving her free advice as often as she wants it. Actually, much of the time I am preferring to work on my own business rather than give her free advice. I just don’t correct her assumptions. She also said it was the fault of another mutual businessman because he hurt her feelings and she won’t put up with that. So, she is rejecting all of his help, which is a LOT. No matter how often or how many ways I tell her that it’s only business, if she insists on getting hurt feelings over business. with attitudes like that it’ll make it harder for her to make it. You can’t control how other business people interact with you. Trying to control another’s interactions is premeditated resentment.

Another person that I have done business with before, is offended by the chinese at some of their dietary preferences. So, she won’t import any of their goods for her stores. She ended up closing her stores. I agree with her but I am a businessman and won’t let any of that stand in the way of me making money. Neither of us are importing anything related to food. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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