This post is about good news.

So many people believe that if they had talent their lives would be better. This might be true but I have seen to many people who were more talented than I am, more educated than I am as I pass them up in business.

If you allow talented and educated people to place that glass ceiling above your head, you're not doing them or yourself any good. It is neither talent or education that breeds success, it is hard work.

To have a desire and vision, then work toward that vision using hard work, including gathering the talented people that you need will get you farther down that road to success than talent alone.

Derek Jeter

There may be people who have more talent than you but there is no reason for anyone to work harder than you.
Derek Jeter

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”
Tim Notke

One thing that I found to be true for me is that when you do something for a long time successfully. Whether you were talented in the beginning or not, you will be talented then.

Using my own history, I was not a talented salesman in the beginning. I don't think that my dad was either. I remember him practicing in the mirror for hours, then go to his job as an insurance salesman and make sale after sale.

For him it was practice followed by hard work. He began working with me, while I was a child, when I was still very adorable. He sent me out selling door to door. He would go over the challenges that I had. I learned selling on the job. Some might call that the hard way, some might call it the easy way. I don't know it was the way I learned. Now, even though I really am an introvert, helping people is almost like breathing. It feels so natural, even though I really felt like I had no talent for it at all. Some look at me and know that it all sprang from talent. No, it sprang from hard work over decades. By beginning now, it might look like it's much too far away but from my vantage point looking back, it feels like the blink of an eye. You'll see it the same way in a few decades.

I felt like there were so many talented people who should be getting what I have.
Shawn Mandes

I agree with Shawn, when I see the talented people around me who don't have a large group of successful companies. When I think back at all of the talented merchants who went broke all around me as I was succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. It made me wonder why. Now I know that they weren't willing to put in the work.

Only one example; At one point in a very small beach town, Laguna Beach, California, there were 14 men's stores, including mine. I saw the Carter recession coming and made changes from catering to the tourist to inviting the locals to shop in my store. When the Carter recession was over, there were 3 left, including mine.

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