California, where I live, is trying to reclassify gig workers from independent contractors to employees. This will affect thousands of workers and their customers. In my opinion the effect will be negative but that is not the point of this article.

The past is done, the future has plenty of room for change

One of the ads was a woman who said that she was the top real estate agent in her area and now that she can’t practice real estate, she is dependent on delivering food to pay her bills and feed her family.I was the number 5 agent in my area for years, I got one listing and one sale every week. The average sale price in our area at that time was $85,000. I don’t know anyplace in California that has a price that low. I had so much money coming in, I was able to pay my bills, purchase investment real estate with positive cash flow and put money aside for future needs. I took many vacations to many parts of the world and fed my family well.How in the world can someone be the number 1 agent in their area and in two months be so broke she has to have a gig job to feed her family and pay her bills. It is astonishing that she can spend that much money. I would guess that she was lying about her abilities as an agent but would they really put a liar in their ad? I don’t think so, it’s too easy to check out.If you find yourself in a similar place, being accustomed to a high income and you spent all of it as so many families do, I can show you ways to reduce your cost of living without impacting your family too much while I show you the next chapter of your life, earning the money you need without having to rely on a boss, without selling real estate, except for the properties that you personally own. Without having to have a gig job delivering meals, unless that is what you want.Click on the Facebook messenger button and ask me for a free success consultation.

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