What is your Destiny?
Business Rob Hoerntlein  


When we are young we are so full of energy and ideals. Those ideals come with ideas, many ideas. We go off to college, trade school or just jump into the workforce. We push forward, idealistic as we are. We buck the headwinds of life, we fight against conformity, we are ready, willing and able to change the world.

We know that it is our destiny to change the world or at least our little part of it. Do you remember back that far? Do you remember what it is that you wanted to be when you grew up? Is that what you are doing?

Some people say that it was John Lennon who said; "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."  Has life happened to you or did you take control of life? As a teacher I hear stories all the time. The stories that I don't like to hear are the stories about lost time. A person who let life beat him up and lost those ideals of a young person. Is it too late if you've lost the ideals of a young person. NO, absolutely not. You've lost time and energy but you don't have to lose your dream. The thing that we have the least of isn't money or stuff, it is time. We never get time back, when it's gone, it's gone. Your dream is still achievable. Do you remember Grandma Moses? She decided to become a painter, she finally got around to it, at 78 years old and became very good at it.

Are you younger than 78? Maybe older? It's okay, I am a teacher and I can help you achieve your dream of becoming a business owner. Fill out the contact form and I'll talk to you about it. Let's see what it will take to fulfil your dream, NO charge. We will talk about your dreams and find out if it's achievable and I won't charge you. Hint: It is achievable.

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