Everything that you do when you are creating your company is vital. You are setting up a platform that will make you a lot of money or will frustrate you perpetually. Whether your company is just there to make investments or is a working business that requires a general manager complete with a staff of hundreds, you are setting into motion something very special.

As you probably know, I have done this many, many times for myself and over and over for my students and clients. It is something that I am very good at and very comfortable doing. Setting up teams and procedures is such second nature for me that I do it in all aspects of my life.

In this video I talk about setting up a team to support me in a medical issue that I am facing. It is an important medical issue and it does require a team. I don’t tell you what it is, I am not prepared at this time to tell the world. I will say that it is not something that will kill me. Unless I am hit by a bus, I will likely live for another 20 or 25 years. So, don’t be concerned. When you hire me, I will be around to fulfil the contract.

For some reason, the image in the video froze at about 2 minutes into a 10 minute video, so there isn’t anything to look at after 2 minutes.

It is just me talking, so instead of trying to redo it, I just created this page to hold it. That is a good lesson, for things that aren’t mission critical, good enough is, good enough. Move on to more pressing matters, then when things slow down and you have time, come back and redo the things that weren’t done perfectly the first time. Sometimes wasting time getting all of the non-critical things perfect, will waste your energy to the point that you never get the important jobs done. What happens if you never get time to come back and redo it? Nothing, you have a product that is out there doing it’s job.

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