Things change so rapidly in business. Then add trying to keep up with SEO and Social Media. How is a businessperson to keep up with all of that and still run a Business? I know a man who works for a business that hires an entire department to do SEO. How can we compete with that? Does that mean we shouldn’t do SEO? Not really, keep doing your “on page” SEO, that’s easy enough with the plugin’s available to us. Still, it’s going to be difficult to keep driving traffic that way.

These same companies and many more hire entire departments to do social media as well. So, should we abandon that? No, this is interesting, despite the fact that there is so much competition there, it is only adding to the conversation. It is completely different. We add our own information to the conversation. All we need to do is to try to get people to look at our part of the conversation. That is where a boost group can help.

You have been invited here because you can write. So, you are writing the occasional blog post, putting it on Facebook or another social media platform. Not enough people are seeing it and your business is languishing. Facebook is increasingly giving more and more love to content that is seeing the most social proof. What is social proof? It is likes, loves, wow, comments, shares, etc.

No one outside of facebook knows the algorithms. The current best, educated guess is that shares, comments, wow and love give a post the most or highest social proof, in that order. Anger, sad also give high social proof but it’s hard to work their way into most of our posts without turning off our potential customer. So, our goal here is to find compatible business people and authors who are willing to press the heart or wow button and write a comment. If this sounds like you, then we want you.

Earlier I mentioned blog a few times. Do you need a blog? No, however you close your prospects is your business. Typically, with the viral nature of facebook and the fact that most users are anxiously looking for that next hit, whatever that means to them, it can be a good idea to get them away from the hectic nature of facebook to a place where you can close your prospect.

Speaking of closing your prospect, what are the best ways to do that? A recent study shows that personal contact with a prospect has a 54 times better chance of closing them. So, if you’re not offering a free consultation, you might want to rethink that. Free stuff still gets people excited. If you think that only the lower class are interested in that read the book Scruples. Want something more current? Recently, a man listed his $54 million mansion in Reno, NV. He offered to leave his Bentley and a few other high dollar items for a full price offer. It worked.

There are too many examples of people offering hundreds of dollars worth of stuff to sell their $6 book. It always works. Think that you don’t have that stuff to give away? You’re wrong. That is not the focus of this group, so I won’t go into it. If you want more information on anything that I discuss here including that, send me a private message. 

You don’t have to do any of that. You can sell your $6 book directly from your facebook page. It works for people everyday, those are just a few advanced tactics that people in our group use.

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