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I know many people, including me, keep getting irritated that so many people hold up celebrities as hero's. I am going to be quoting a celebrity here but he is by no means a hero. Celebrities just like anyone else, just sometimes get it right and this time is no different.

Like the rest of this blog, this story is about creating and building business. It is pretty cool when I can use celebrities that I admire to illustrate the point that I am making.

Rita Wilson

I'd like to thank Gage Skidmore for taking this picture and letting me use it.

I really love stories like these, they almost write themselves.

I grew up in the 50's and was strongly influenced in the 60's. Springsteen started his career with his first studio album in 1973. He came to popularity slowly. I remember telling a friend about a song that I really loved. The friend corrected me, saying that his name is pronounced Springfield. Rick Springfield came to popularity just before he did. I love them both but Springsteen is one of the greatest rockers of all time.

Imagine my pleasure hearing that Rita Wilson got some amazing advice from him. She is an excellent actress. Many people, including me think that she might have gotten a big boost because her husband is Tom Hanks. I'm sure she chafes at that but it doesn't take away from her talent. She has been in many huge movies.

I have already pointed out they are not hero's but I also need to point out that not only are they business people, they are running bigger companies than I am. So, they have come across things in the business world that have made them pretty smart, not only in their creative careers but in their business lives. In her 40's Rita was writing and beginning to perform country music. She was struggling with the question, is it too late to start at this stage in her life? She asked Bruce and he said "Creativity is time independent". 

Isn't that a wonderful response? It is so true, especially in her case. I am not a follower of country music, so even though I am very aware of her movie career, I didn't know that she had broken through into the country music field. A little research has turned up the fact that she has 4 popular albums, including the soundtrack to the movie "Dawn Patrol". That is very impressive. It is so common that when a person is good at one thing they are often good at many things.

Case in point, my older brother;

The list of his accomplishments is huge. Here is a partial list;

  • Musician, playing
    • piano
    • violin
    • blues harmonica (he is amazing)
    • guitar
    • and many more instruments
  • Sculpter
  • Wood carver
  • Casts metal
  • Artist in many mediums
    • watercolors
    • oils
    • pastels
    • pen and ink
  • Creates jewelry

I have some very talented younger sisters and you're well aware that I am also talented in many areas but John, is an obvious over achiever. He is 2 years older than I am and still going strong.

The list of people who have begun a career later in life is a long one too, headed by Grandma Moses who began her painting career at 78 years old and was still going strong well into her hundreds.

Chances are; you are multi-talented. Think for a while, what are some of your talents. Think harder, are you discounting those talents? Think again, which of those talents would it easier to create a company around? If you're not sure, just below this, I tell you how to talk to me for free. We can discuss your talents and together see if you're missing out on a better life. One or more of those talents might be the way out of the alarm clock life of working for someone else.

I have taught people of all ages how to begin the business of their dreams. The younger people can sometimes get distracted by their busy young lives. As we grow and mature, we begin to see that there isn't anything so urgent that we have to give up on our education or future plans.

Do you give up on your education or your future plans? Doing that is really giving up on yourself. Quit putting yourself last. Hit the messenger button on my Facebook page and ask for the Free, I'm putting myself first consultation.

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