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This can be Your Best Year Ever

This can be Your Best Year Ever!

Look at all of the jobs that have been lost since March of this year. As I write this it has been 4 months. True, many if not most of these jobs will come back. Some are beginning to come back now. 

. . . or are you saying . . . 

You are one Pandemic away from Ruin

 I live in California, gratefully in a safe area. Much of the state is closing down again. So, the jobs that have come back are going away again. This see saw effect of closing, opening, closing again is going to have a very destructive effect on small business and maybe big business too.

I exchanged texts with the owner of a favorite restaurant of mine last night. He said that he wasn't able to open for that brief period because he can't get any of his cooks to show up. The overly generous unemployment benefits are keeping them home. Between the state and federal benefits, it's about $4,000 per month, plus they get to stay home. He said that financially, he may not be able to hold on.

The federal portion of the benefit is scheduled to end at the end of this month. Business has already complained to congress about it. So, it is expected that it will be extended with modifications. The one that I hear most often is to cap the total benefit at 85% of their pre pandemic earnings. I will let you think about that. You're clever enough to know if that will get people back to work or not.

Back to my point. Many of you are one pandemic away from ruin. Many of you are facing ruin because of this pandemic. I called one of my customers last night. She runs several non-profits. One of them has their big party at the end of the year. I asked her if I needed to put a note out that we won't be doing that this year. She said that she was thinking along those lines but needed to meet with her board before making that decision.

I am on her board, I've been helping her with this organization since 1982, so she really does rely on me for help with this. We continued the discussion. I asked her if she thought there would be a vaccine before the end of the year. She said no. She spent a large part of her life working for our largest medical center hospital, so she knows their proceedures quite well. I continued; If they do come up with a vaccine, do you think they will have 500,000,000 doses before the end of the year, actually by the end of August? She and I both know that distribution takes time and all vaccine's take time to build up immunity within your body, so sometime in August is necessary to attain the proper "herd" immunity before the end of the year. Of course that would be an impossible timeline to meet. I went on to say that if in late January 2021 the health department announced that the latest outbreak had been traced back to our end of year party, we would have a terrible black eye. She agreed that we would not be able to come back from that.

So, this pandemic is not likely to be over before January and that is if everything goes perfectly. When was the last time the government did everything perfectly? So, maybe Spring or even Summer of 2021. I'm not trying to depress you more. I am trying to be the pragmatist, bringing some reality to your thought process. How likely is your business to be robust if it can't get back to full speed before then? How likely is the government to continue subsidizing the unemployed that long? Now back to my original point. How will you do if you have to hang on that long during the pandemic?

How can I say that this can be your best year ever?

It all comes down to choices. Are you choosing to keep your head in the sand? Are you choosing to use this time to find a way to not be dependant on government, not dependant on big business?

Even not choosing is making a choice.

I am here, ready to work with you, one on one to find which of your talents are most likely to be your new business. Then we will work together to make it amazing. Click on facebook messenger and ask for your free most desired talent consult. I will tag a few other people who are also very good at helping you, whether it is business, relationship, nutrition, spiritual or other help that goes hand in hand with becoming your own boss. One thing that I know they will all agree with. When you are your own boss, you will have the toughest, best, most wonderful boss you've ever had.

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