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There is a saying in AA; "Don't give up before the miracle." That could also apply to investing or creating your dream business. My first several businesses and early investments were all successful. That is because I had very competent teachers. 

"The step past failure just could be success."
~Debby Allen ~Dancer, Choreographer

If you've tried and failed, don't despair. I have heard people say that unless they can come up with an original business idea, they can't start a business. The truth is that it is far too expensive to create a market for that original concept. Most people don't remember how hard it was to create a market for Amazon dot com. It took years and many millions of dollars to get people to see point of doing business with them. There are many other examples.

A better idea is to come up with an evolutionary change to an existing market. Another is to find an underserved market and bring an existing product to them. This is just two ideas of many.

One example of an evolutionary change is when micro computers were still in their infancy. When IBM was still saying they would never be more than a toy, before they jumped into the market and changed the name to PC. I started a bookkeeping business. I had to create the software for it. I had a very hard time convincing business owners to trust that I could keep their books on my computer. So, I started it as a manual business the way all of them were back then. If you were a medium to large business, you had a big firm who used mainframe computers. Small businesses and non-profits didn't have a computer option.

An example of an underserved market is a student of mine found out that a small island nation didn't have enough importers available to them to be able to get good pricing. So, with my help, he started a new import/export business bringing the same products to them quicker and at better prices.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

That is two examples of using the most important asset that you have, you. I was able to see the evolutionary change that would create a market out of existing demand. My student used an underserved market to create his business.

One of the most important things that you have in your life is your desire to be independent, maybe even rich. Have you tried and failed? It is said that after Edison failed with the lightbulb 5,000 times a reporter asked if he was ready to concede that the idea was a bad one? He said "NO!" that he was closer than he had ever been, he isolated 5,000 ways that it wouldn't work.

Whether you have isolated ways that your new business or investment won't work or you haven't tried yet, I am here for you. I can help you turn your desire and experience into that business or investment that you want.

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