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Taking Chances

The most important step that you take when planning for your future is the first one. Are you one of the majority of people who does more planning for a vacation than your future? It’s time to flip that and find out how easy it is. It takes less time than you think it does to plan for your future.

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Retire Rich

This is part two, showing you how I went from the edge of poverty to millionaire in 5 years. I did it with the help of mentors, with almost no cash. All that is required is a burning desire to succeed and seeking out the right mentors.

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We all lead busy lives. Are the things that you are busily doing, the right things? If some of the busy work that you are doing, would be better done by someone else, pass it off to them. If you don’t have that person yet, get busy and get them. You need to do the most important things.

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Beginners Investing

I give examples of starting with nothing and ending up with assets that can help you retire rich. These aren’t hard or reserved for a few, they are for everyone. Too many people retire poor, wondering how to pay the bills or where they will get their next meal. If you want to be a Walmart greeter, cool. Just don’t do it because you have to. Plan for your retirement now.

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